Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hello 50 Year Reunion Alumni

September 23, 2013 by Ron Stoltz, BASc 1963

Hello, my name is Ron and I am an Alumni from the second Civil Engineering class from the University of Waterloo.

I was part of the co-op program at Waterloo and the schedule was great because it allowed me to play varsity football. My work terms allowed me to live in many different places and one winter work term landed me in Sudbury which was not the best climate for my MG sports car.

During my time with the university in 1958-1963 there were no student residences just private homeowners who took in students.I lived in some interesting homes.  One term I lived in a place were our frigde was the stairs to the attic and at another home we had four sports cars & a  motorcycle. Phillip Street had no houses or business. Guess what it was used for?

Now I will be coming back after 50 years to campus to take part in the 2013 Reunion. Some of the events for 50th year Engineering graduating class include:
    * Friday-Iron Ring Ceremony & Dinner
                      * a small group 1963 grads to reconnect, relive our Waterloo days & met the wives
    * Saturday - football game will bring back memories of bus trips, barracks at RMC, Kingston
                        - dinner - same as Iron Ring plus lots of nostalgia  provided by theUniversity
    * Sunday - brunch - likely a smaller group - same as Iron Ring

see "The Great Water Tower Caper 1958" for details

University of Waterloo Structural Civil Engineering prof Doug Wright (later Dean), Football coach & Head of Athletics Carl Totzke and Manager of Co-Op Bert Barber greatly helped my transition from Banting Memorial High School  to my five years at University of Waterloo  including the work terms and final job position.

The Chemistry Building was the only permanent
structure in 1963. Hence many of our classes were
in this Annex & similar ones. E & E Seegmiller
donated these facilities. They had been bunk houses
in the construction of Highway 115

So 50 Year Reunion alumni .. Where ever our paths ultimately took us, they all started here.
                                                   Come back to where it all began to share stories of our
                                                    journeys and reminisce about the past .. while we can


                                                      if you don't come looking for us, we'll come looking for you